Star Wars Canon Brings Again Legends’ Darkest Wookiee Plot

Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch season 2, episode 6 noticed a return to Kashyyyk, bringing with it one of many darkest tales from outdated Star Wars Legends.

This text comprises spoilers for Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch season 2, episode 6.Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch season 2, episode 6 used a returning character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Gungi, to convey again the darkest Wookiee plot from Legends. A easy mission for Cid led to Clone Power 99 performing an sudden rescue mission, when Omega found droids torturing a younger Wookiee. The Wookiee in query was Gungi, a Jedi Padawan who had survived Order 66 and sought to return to his homeworld of Kashyyyk.


The desire of the Power had prompted Gungi to return to Kashyyyk – a sensible transfer, as a result of this was the one planet the place he might probably disguise from the Empire. However the Wookiee Jedi didn’t discover a planet at peace; slightly, he found the Empire is working with Trandoshans, an alien race who originate from one other planet within the Kashyyyk system. Trandoshans are serving to the Empire hunt and enslave Wookiees, and Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch season 2, episode 6 even exhibits them utilizing Imperial weaponry.

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Why The Trandoshans Helped The Empire Enslave Wookiees

Why Black Krrsantan Hates The Trandoshans So Much

The partnership between the Empire and the Trandoshans is lifted from the outdated Star Wars Expanded Universe, which was branded non-canon (or “Legends“) after Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. In Legends, the Trandoshans teamed with the Empire by the worry of being focused by the Empire themselves, avoiding this by serving to the Imperials raid Kashyyyk. In Star Wars canon although, there are different causes stemming from the traditional Trandoshan-Wookiee rivalry that may tie into why the previous started aiding the Empire.

The Trandoshans worship a goddess identified solely because the Scorekeeper, who imbues Trandoshan hunters with Jagannath factors for each kill. As looking is so ingrained in Trandoshan tradition, even used as a ceremony of passage, the Scorekeeper holds numerous advantage for the Trandoshan individuals of the galaxy. In keeping with Trandoshan beliefs, Wookiee kills are probably the most coveted as a result of excessive variety of Jagannath factors obtained for such a kill. This might clarify why the Trandoshans helped to enslave the Wookiees, because it may very well be seen as useful for their very own tradition.

The Empire’s Evil Turned Alien Races Towards One One other

Chewbacca in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Bossk in Empire Strikes Back overlayed by Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch season 2, episode 6 reveals the tragic reality that the Empire turned races towards each other. The Empire’s anti-alien prejudice and racism meant different races had no selection however to activate each other, providing outdated rivals as targets in their very own place. The Empire sought slaves for enormous Imperial development initiatives – notably the Loss of life Star – and the Trandoshans and Wookiees can be equally engaging. The Trandoshans selected to assist the Empire enslave their historical rivals, preferring that choice to their very own individuals.

The Trandoshans in Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch appeared to benefit from their actions, largely as a result of they noticed this as a chance to additional their blood feud with the Wookiees. This bitter rivalry is turning into a continuing plot, highlighted in The E book of Boba Fett when the Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan attacked a Trandoshan. It appears the blood feud solely worsened after the times of the Empire, seemingly a results of Trandoshan actions in Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch.

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